Start Here!

There are so many beautiful venues in the Joplin area. A newly engaged couple can easily become overwhelmed, particularly if they've never booked a wedding venue before! 

Here are a couple of tips to get started! 

Joplin wedding venue


Review websites of your favorite venues

Check out the images on venue websites to get an idea of what your wedding day photos will look like. 

Make sure the venue will fit the vibe you're looking for. 

greystonemill venue couple.jpg


Compare Pricing And Amenities

Pay extra attention to square footage. The bigger the space, the more you'll pay. Our capacity is 200.  Also, consider amenities. Amenities are EVERYTHING when booking a venue. Schedule a tour of Greystone Mill first. We will give you tips along the way to help you know what to look for when selecting a venue.



Verify Availability

Pick your top 3 venues and verify availability. Have a couple of dates in mind! You'll miss out on an amazing venue if you're stuck on a date. 

If you're flexible...even better!

We can help you select a date within your budget to save hundreds $$ off your package.


Schedule a tour!

Let's get together! We'd love to show off all of the amenities that come with your package. Amenities are EVERYTHING when booking a venue. We also offer an impressive online resource guide to help you rock your wedding day vision! Your guests will be amazed that you planned such a stunningly beautiful event.

Free Decor!

We have a unique program here at

Greystone Mill Weddings and Gatherings.

Thanks to our brides who have

generously donated to our

Bride To Bride, Paying It Forward Program

We have shelves of decor, signs, centerpieces and vintage furniture you can use for your next event.

Our inventory is always growing and changing with items that you can borrow for free.

These sweet girls have donated items from their wedding that they will no longer use and hope it would help someone like you. In turn, perhaps you will leave something for someone who is decorating for their event.

Our Promise To You

On your wedding day, you will make a promise to each other. Here's our promise from the Greystone Mill family to you...

We promise to never forget that for your friends and family, your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. As a result you deserve to be treated with the utmost respect, care, and kindness on your very special day

We promise no matter how many weddings we host, to never treat you like you are "just another wedding". There is nothing more magical as when two people come together as one.

We promise to always be upfront honest and transparent as to what you can expect through the entire process.

We promise to do our absolute best to communicate with you in a prompt, professional manner. You deserve our attention, our promptness, and our honesty and you will always receive that.

We promise to always be here as a resource for you. Our number one goal for every wedding is to help you through the process. 

Thanks to our photographer friends at West Star Photography and JB Photography for sharing these gorgeous images