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Love Notes

Our brides, grooms and their families have taken a few minutes to let us know how we're doing. Check it out!

"Thank you so much for allowing us to use your venue. It was so much more than I could have asked for. You were so kind and patient with all of my questions. I won one of the gift cards in a drawing and I forgot to thank you for that too."

"I have to put my two cents worth in and agree with the last comment. Michelle is so funny and kept me laughing. I'm so glad I met her and the staff. They are so nice."

They send you stuff to make sure your day goes smooth. I had a wedding planner so I wasn't too worried. But still it was nice to know they cared.

I thought we were gonna be in trouble when coronavirus first hit. They were great to us and in the end I appreciate them sticking to and honoring the contract. I look back at how our world is so messed up right now and they chose to be lawful and honorable and still respectful to us and caring. 

"The best experience ever. There's not one thing I would do different. Our family used one of the wedding planners that most their brides use and talk about perfect. I'm not sure we could have found a planner on our own with this level of experience."


"There is a place to meet every need and we used them all! The Bride's Room and the The Grooms Room are so cute and comfortable. The Pavilion is absolutely amazing and a great gathering place. Last but not least the reception hall was just beautiful and inviting for any event. Everything is neat & clean and beautifully done."

"I hope that their business continues to grow! They have been so helpful in every way, from answering a million questions to referring us to our photographer. I'll always recommend them!


"From the moment we saw the venue online we knew it was ‘the one’, after that everything just got better!  Everyone at Greystone Mill made our day perfect, and we will always be thankful for their fabulous efforts.  I really don’t think we never would have had the same personal, 5 star like service, had we got married anywhere else.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our wedding the best day ever."

"Thank you for all the continuous help and attention to detail in providing a beautiful venue to capture the day, and for making sure everything ran smoothly.  We really were able to enjoy every second of it"

"Our guests had nothing but great compliments about the venue, despite it being the hottest day of the summer.  We wish you guys much success as you continue to grow, and will definitely be recommending Greystone Mill to future love birds."

"One of the best things about Greystone Mill is their flexibility. Whenever we pitched an idea, they went for it. They also helped steer us in the right direction when we weren't sure where to start. It could not have gone better!"

"At one point during the wedding, my husband pulled me away from the dance floor & brought me up to the path that led to the reception. Once we got to the middle of the path he told me to turn around & we looked over the reception. It was one of those moments that takes your breath away. There, on the dance floor, was everyone we dearly loved having the best time. The love and the laughter coming from that reception was so wonderful to hear. And I believe there was not one person sitting in their chair! Thank you Greystone Mill  for making that day so special for us and our daughter and son-in-law!"

"I received a lot of compliments from my guests and quite a few said that they wished they could have been married here as well."

"Greystone was extremely honest and professional and was quick to answer all of my texts and emails. My wedding looked like a picture from a magazine. So in love with this venue!"

“Greystone Mill was the second venue that we toured and we left that day my husband said to me ‘I could tell as soon as we walked in, just by the look on your face that we were definitely booking this venue for our wedding!’ 

"Our September wedding couldn’t have been better! The venue was perfect and the groom’s room is awesome. Didn’t have to worry about missing any football! The food was delicious."

“Greystone Mill is absolutely elegant and beautiful! It is the perfect venue for any event because it is easy to transform into any theme! We loved everything about our wedding and recommend Greystone Mill to everyone!” 

"I Didn't want a barn wedding.. Yawn, but still wanted something rustic yet eleg