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The holiday season is the time for proposals and engagements. According to a survey of 1,131 brides sponsored by the Fairchild Bridal Group, the publisher of “Modern Bride,” 26% of engagements occur between November and December.

Beginning now, the market is flooding with people searching for wedding services and locations. With the right approach you can stay ahead of the competition and make the right choice in selecting your wedding services, and, more importantly, your wedding venue.

Tip number one: make sure you choose a wedding venue that is flexible. Flexibility can be as simple as having ample time to make key decisions after the contract is signed, such as final guest counts or changing services during the planning process. For example, Greystone Mill clients can change their package (visit our website to view our Wedding Packages!), specific services and guest count until up to 14 days of their weddings!

Realizing that where you get married is more important than when you get married can reduce your stress and allow you to make a smarter and timelier decision. Date vs. venue is the fight where we try to get the perfect date to match the perfect place, but often this approach causes more stress. It can also delay your decision, allowing the flood of competition to snatch up your dates and venues

Here’s some help: if you answer the following questions affirmatively, you have found your venue!

Do you like the venue? Is the place you’re visiting aesthetically appealing? Greystone Mill can accomodate a variety of wedding themes from rustic, country, vintage and romantic to elegant or sophisticated. we have the perfect theme waiting for you!

Does the venue offer the services you need? Greystone Mill offers more amenities than most venues in the Joplin area from centerpieces to sound systems. (see Greystone Mill Wedding Packages for all services included).

Does this venue fit your budget? Greystone Mill offers wedding packages for all kinds of budgets, and we always beat our local competitors’ price and value.

Beat the rush and schedule your tour now. Greystone Mill Weddings and Events

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