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The venue is booked and your wedding planning is in high gear. As the date gets closer you start thinking of questions that you're not sure were answered in your initial tour.

We talked about so many different things and we're sure your head was swimming with questions and ideas. It's hard to remember everything we discussed on the day you booked the venue. Check your contract to see if your question can be answered there first. If not, we assembled some frequently asked questions to make it convenient for you to refer back to.

Venue Visits

The venue is by appointment only. We also have monthly open houses.

On a couple of occasions, we've had friends or family stop by to check out the facility without an appointment. One day someone walked in while we had a wedding in progress in the ballroom. On another occasion, someone walked in while a brides family was decorating. Please tell your friends and family, we are open by appointment only.

Office Hours

Our office hours are from 9 until 6. Usually we are very quick to respond to calls and emails however, if we are assisting with an event, we will return your call as soon as possible. If you need to contact us during your event, we have an after hours and emergency number for you to reach us directly. It will be included in your Final Detail Questionnaire.

Alcohol Policy

You are welcome to serve alcohol to your guests. Since this is a private event, and you are the host/hostess, you are responsible for your guests behavior. If you're interested in event insurance, we can provide contact information for inexpensive policies to protect you from liability from death or injury to himself or the property. You ultimately can be sued by your injured guest.


You can arrive as early as 10:00am and stay until 11:00pm. If you'd like extra time, it's an additional 100.00 per hour. You'll have early access and can arrive as early to decorate or have a "morning of" brunch rehearsal. The choice is yours just by selecting the "Early Arrival" option on your invoice.

End Of Evening Procedure

At the end of the evening, bag up your trash and place in the area designated by the venue coordinator, return decor to the shelves for quick check in the following morning, stack the chairs, turn out all the lights in all of the buildings and lock all of the doors. Remember anything that was moved, must be returned to its original location. Leave it like you found it, that's it! We want you to get your deposit back.


Rehearsals are Monday through Thursday.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday are reserved for weddings. If you've added the rehearsal you'll have access to all of the outdoor ceremony areas. There is a restroom on the east side of the building where the salon is located. If you'd like to use the ballroom for your rehearsal dinner, select the "VIP Rehearsal" option on your invoice.

Tables and Chairs

Maximum capacity is 150. Your package includes 15 round tables and 2 rectangle tables with 150 chairs. You could seat 10 guests to a table but 8 is most comfortable. If you choose to seat 10 guests at one table, 2 of your guests will have to "straddle" the table legs. If you need more tables and chairs, an event rental company will deliver them for you. We don't provide any tablecloths but, we can refer you to someone who does.


The decor we have now might not be available on your day. Remember its all complimentary and you are not being charged for it. Unfortunately, through continued use, things get dirty, broken and misplaced and will be removed from inventory. We will always have decor available but, the choices change throughout the year. To try and prevent things from getting dirty and broken, decor can not be moved outside or to other areas.

Open flames

Our insurance does not allow any type of open flame inside or outside the facility. This includes grills, smokers, fire pits, heaters, candles fireworks, sparklers etc. You may use the 2 hour sterno to keep your food warm.

The Salon/Suite

If on the day of your event, you decide to rent the salon, simply contact the sales coordinator through the after hours number provided on your Final Details Questionnaire and she will email an invoice. Pay online and the system will email you the code to the door. Easy!

Sound System/Music

The venue has a small sound system you can use for music. It doesn't have the quality of a DJ but, it works great for light background music. There's also a small portable system that you can use for the pavilion for your ceremony. It's separate from the system used in the ballroom. If you're going to have dancing, a DJ has the perfect setup!

If you still have any questions that weren't answered in any of these articles, check HERE or your contract. We try very hard to be upfront on what to expect and to make sure you get your deposit back. If you have a question that wasn't answered in this post, us or send us or send a quick email.

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