WELCOME! Your venue is booked! So, you're asking, what next?

You're venue is reserved so when booking your other vendors, you'll now have a date and location for them when you inquire about their services. This is one of the first things they will ask.


We have a small shelf of decor to pick from or design something yourself. Our decor is absolutely free to use however it varies and is unpredictable as to what's in inventory. Sometimes things get damaged, dirty or misplaced and is removed from inventory. The items you've seen may not be available on wedding day. You can use whatever you want from our free decor.

Visiting The Venue

Visits are by appointment only. Please be sure to remind your friends and family to call and make an appointment before stopping in. We have other small weddings and events through the week and wouldn't want you to walk in disrupt their ceremony or event.


Rehearsals have access to the outside ceremony areas and to the barn/pavilion. If you've added a rehearsal to your package, don't forget your sound system and music. There's a restroom on the east side of the salon. The ballroom is available for an additional charge if you'd like to have a rehearsal dinner.

VIP Rehearsals

Most of our brides opt out of the rehearsal. If you've made arrangements for a rehearsal, maybe you'll be interested in upgrading to the VIP Rehearsal which gives you 2 hours of ballroom rental for dinner or "meet and greet".

Open Houses

Every month, the venue opens the doors to Greystone Mill brides to come, look around, see whats new. It's an excellent time to test the sound system and learn about the "Fire Code" approved table layouts. We will get together to go over some things you may have previously forgotten. We will talk about how to reach us after hours or in an emergency, your guest count, ceremony location, show you where the light switches, mop, broom and plunger are and also instructions on "end of evening procedure" etc.

Like our Facebook page.

Facebook algorithm's are changing for business pages so this means you will see fewer of our posts. You may never see our promotions and giveaways so be sure to like our page and when you can, comment and like our posts. This tells facebook that you are interested in our page and to continue showing you our posts and content. You can also change your default settings to show our content first. We don't want you to miss out on our freebies.

If you need help or have any questions, check out your contract or our FAQ post first to see if your question is answered there. If not, feel free to email. We know you have a lot on your shoulders and it helps to have someone answer questions quickly as they come up. If you get too overwhelmed, we can refer a wonderful coordinator.

Most importantly, have fun. Happy wedding planning!!

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