Popular Wedding Guest Questions

So, you're invited to a wedding at Greystone Mill Weddings and Gatherings!

That's wonderful news. You're going to have a great time.

There's always something going on here at the venue. Our staff and preferred vendors are full of energy and extremely busy taking care of all the tasks during the week but, we always have time to answer your emails.

Some of the questions we get are about etiquette and guest's responsibilities. No one wants to attend a wedding and look foolish or disrespect the wedding party so we totally understand if you have a question and want to send us a quick email.

We've assembled a list of some of the most popular questions we receive.

1. The invitation says RSVP. What does that mean?

The wedding couple would like to know if you'll be attending the wedding. It's very important that you let them know as soon as possible. This helps them plan for the amount of food and drink they should purchase and also how many tables and chairs to setup. It's considered extremely rude if you don't RSVP. If you can't attend the wedding, be upfront and let them know. They will appreciate your honesty.

2. What should I wear?

The invitation might have a clue as to the formality of the event. It may state attire is casual or semi formal. Very rarely are shorts and flip flops appropriate for any wedding. Take a clue from pictures you see of weddings. The girls in the wedding party are usually wearing beautiful attire and the guys look handsome as well. Send her a quick email if you're unsure.

3. Should I bring a gift?

Traditionally, gifts are usually mailed or delivered in person to the bride. It's less for the bride to have to load to bring home at the end of the evening. Weddings unlike birthday parties, are not appropriate time to open gifts. It's considered tacky and can easily offend other guests. If something happens and you need to bring the gift with you, then feel free. There's usually a table setup for gifts and cards.

4. Are kids invited?

This is a question you'll need to ask your host. Kids by nature are unpredictable. Refer back to question number one. The invitation will have a clue as to who is actually invited. Don't be offended if the invitation says "adults only". It's becoming trendier for weddings to be adults only since kids can become bored, restless and unpredictable.

5. Do you offer substitutions if I have dietary restrictions?

We do not provide any services. The hosts choose and hire the caterer of their choice and well as any other wedding vendors such as DJ's and photographers.

The hosts are responsible for all of the planning and timing of the ceremony and reception. Send her a quick email to ask about dietary restrictions.

6.Can I come Look?

We have open house throughout the year for friends or family who want to visit the venue. Please do not "Pop in" or visit without an appointment.

We have events here through the week and weekends. If you drive by and see a few cars here, you may assume its just the staff however....we offer small intimate ceremonies and elopement packages. You could be walking right into someones ceremony! Please do not visit the venue without an appointment or invitation.

7. Do you provide alcohol?

All of the services are provided and arranged by the bride or her family. If you have any questions, contact the bride or her family.

We just wanted to share a few of the most common questions we receive here at the venue. Your host or her wedding planner will gladly answer any questions if we can't find the answer for you!

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