Have you ever wanted to just elope?

Dare to stand out and take a hammer to wedding traditions?

It's all those things that drive you crazy. The guest list, the rsvps, details and more details.

Michelle called us one afternoon and explained what she was wanting. Something simple, classy but intimate that would focus on a celebration centered around her and a few close loved ones. And...she wanted to do this in in less than a week! We hung up and I gave her an imaginary fist bump. We were going to love working with this rebel bride. We've always loved the idea of untraditional, out of the ordinary and unique but, still keeping it timeless and elegant. This is what what we crave! Check it out!

What a fun time. This wedding was nothing but, laughter and good times. Any wedding photographer would have jumped at the chance to capture this event. We were so lucky that Captured By Cory happened to be available to photograph this beauty. She was our first choice and our first phone call! Everything was perfect..the weather, timing, photography.

But wait..Lets back up!

Lets start with some getting ready photos.

That dress... gorgeous!

Look at the detail. Normally in average light, you wouldn't see the detail. But when its hung on the hook of the dressing room door..the details just pop! A few well captured photos will help you remember moments you'll cherish for a lifetime.

This is the devotion these two have for each other. Christian did an absolutely amazing job helping her into the dress.

Really, no one could have done it better.

So sweet.

Can we get a slow clap? Cory this is gorgeous!

This is probably the only serious moment of the evening.

A quiet moment while waiting for ceremony to start.

The dressing room is a stunning backdrop for wedding photos.

Michelle, We love what you've done you little rebel bride.

You've shown us a break from some traditions

doesn't mean sacrificing class and elegance.

Michelle effortlessly planned this wedding in less than a week. She simply picked a color to work with and tied it all together! Timeless, elegant and classic!

No cake smash. We're so glad that trend is no longer "trendy". This bride has it figured out!

These two are pure class!

Invite your favorite people and celebrate without all the pageantry and stress of a big wedding. Elopements today are a stylish approach to small weddings full of romance and elegance. A quiet ceremony is the absolute best way to live and love in the moment.

The less thought you put into your wedding..

the more fun you'll have. Just go with it! In the end, it really doesn't matter. What matters most is that you're marrying your best friend.

Plus..who doesn't love a rebel bride.

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